The Isabela State University Linker Journals are a double-blind peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open-access journals published biannually (June and December issues) by Isabela State University through its Research and Development, Extension and Training (RDET) office. It publishes original and high-quality research articles on various fields of specialization such as education, social sciences, public health, engineering, computing and technology, agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. It has three complementary journals: Journal of Education, Social Sciences, and Public Health; Journal of Engineering and Computing and Technology; Journal of Emerging Research in Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry.

The journals welcome research articles relevant to the aforementioned disciplines and should be written in English. There are no submission charges and article processing fee once the manuscript is accepted for publication as the journals' operation and knowledge-sharing platform will be fully supported by the Isabela State University. For the aims and scope of every journal, kindly click the specific journal where you wish to submit your article.


  • The Journal of Emerging Research in Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry

    The JERAFF publishes original papers on agriculture, fisheries, and forestry, covering topics such as crop production, animal science, agricultural sciences, food processing, agricultural development, economics, climate change, disaster risk management, aquatic systems, fish farming, fish rearing, fish management, sea food processing, forest resources conservation, entomology, pathology, management, hydrology, ecology, adaptation to climate change, tree physiology, silviculture, urban forestry, biomass, carbon, bioenergy, wood science, wildlife ecology, and environmental science.

  • Journal of Education, Social Science and Allied Health

    The JESSAH aims and scopes: Education encompasses various disciplines, including educational psychology, curriculum development, technology, teacher education, policy management, assessment, and evaluation. Social Sciences include sociology, psychology, anthropology, and economics. Allied Health involves epidemiology, biostatistics, disease prevention, and global health.

  • Journal of Engineering, Computing and Technology

    The Journal of Engineering and Computing Technology publishes research papers on various engineering disciplines, applications, and interdisciplinary topics. It covers areas such as electrical and electronics engineering, engineering mathematics and physics, civil engineering, agricultural and biosystems engineering, computing science and information technology, and e-government and e-commerce. The journal also covers computational and stochastic methods, optimization, nonlinear dynamics, modeling and simulation, and computational electromagnetics. It also covers sustainable building materials, seismic design, water resources management, and intelligent transportation infrastructure. The journal also covers computer science and information technology, including information systems, theory, algorithms, and data mining.